Stationery: The highs and lows

With a few of my recent clients, I’ve come across some shocking news on stationery suites for weddings.  While advertising deals like “Wedding cards as low as $1.59”, the consumer can really think that they are getting a good deal.  After doing my research, the good deal is only for one piece of the suite.  News flash people… there is more than one card to a wedding invitation. Let’s do the math.

For a 200 person guest count and needing 115 invites; the typical invitation items, ceremony programs, menu cards, and thank you cards – here is what you will pay:
Invitation = $1.74 each
Invitation trim option = $11.50
Reception Card = $1.24 each
Direction Card = $1.24 each
Response Card = $1.14 each
Ceremony program = $2.69 each
Place card = $0.89 each
Thank you cards = $1.39 each
Grand Total = $1476.07

This total doesn’t include any upgrades, embellishments, or additional envelopes for mistakes, etc.  Beware – some stationery suites aren’t available to send you a tangible proof.  This is a little concerning since you are trying to accomplish inviting friends and family to the biggest day of your life.  Would you buy a house without ever seeing and walking through it in person?  Additionally, there is no option for a graphical map or image to be inserted and no upload form to enter in your guests names for the place cards.  How and where do customers print the place cards?  Another thing to keep in mind – some designs don’t have the entire suite available.  With an infinite number of stationery and paper items that couples can create to embellish décor around a wedding, consider hiring a designer who will custom create any item and/or design for your stationery.

Here is the sample of the invite design I started with.  While looking to complete the entire suite, this is one design that didn’t have the ceremony program and other items in the same style.  Disappointing!

One more thing to add:
The editing box to enter text (ceremony program sample) is smaller than some email forms on webpages.  You have to draft your wording prior to this screen, then you will see how the next couple screens format.  Really?  This only goes up to a 12pt size font?  How crazy does this look if I didn’t have any more content to enter in the ceremony program?!


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