Why Grooms should co-plan their wedding

Attention Grooms!!!  The reality news flash about planning your wedding – there wouldn’t be a wedding without you!  It’s becoming more regular for grooms to hop on board and help their bride with the planning, but there are still a bunch of you who don’t have anything to do with any plans.  Let me share some of the reasons why you grooms should take part in the planning YOUR wedding.

  1. Your relationship with your bride can grow. After you popped the big question, set her at ease by taking on responsibilities throughout the planning process.  This can create an even better bond between both of you since there are so many tough decisions to make while planning a wedding.
  2. By taking part in the planning and relieving some (or a lot) of the stress off your bride, you can avoid her becoming a bridezilla. After all, no one wants to deal with a bridezilla!
  3. Weather you care about the details or not, show your support to your bride by attending all the vendor meetings with her. You might find you have more of an option about the menu, colors, flowers, etc.  Again, it’s YOUR day too and you should enjoy every minute, the aesthetics, the food, the drinks, and everything else.  Let’s face it – do you really want to be that groom/husband where your bride/wife has to listen to you complain about what you didn’t’ like at your wedding for anniversaries to come?
  4. A wedding is a marriage beyond the bride and groom. It’s the joining of two families and everything they have to offer.  We all know the favorite cousin who you want to be an usher in your wedding and the dreaded Aunt that wants to “plan the wedding” for you.  With both you and your bride doing the planning, you can tell that Aunt that everything is under control and planning the wedding is part of your intimate relationship building.  It benefits you when parents or family members ask you about the details and you actually have the answers vs. you not knowing anything and they constantly ask you 5 times a day what is being served for dinner.
  5. If you help plan, you can’t complain about the budget.  We all have tendencies to go overboard with things we want and a wedding is one of the easiest places to let our senses get out of control over our practical decision making.  Attending vendor meetings and reviewing the proposals for services and products together will help you stay on track with the budget.  More often than not, you the groom is more practical about budget and finances than your bride.
  6. If you truly don’t want to get involved in any of the planning and/or want to ensure you’re not sleeping on the couch before the wedding – consider gifting a wedding planner to your bride. With all different levels of planning packages and services, there’s one to fit your needs and budget.  Just be sure to hire someone who has experience and pairs well with you and your bride’s personalities.  It’s a long road of planning and you’ll be discussing and planning very personal and intimate things.  You have to have the trust and cohesiveness between you and your planner.
  7. At the end of the day – the most rewarding thing you gain is the memory of a lifetime. Don’t you want to say you were a part of creating that memory for you and your bride?

Grooms – don’t take a back seat to your wedding!  If you need some help in where to start, contact us for a free consultation to get your married life started with happiness and ease.

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