Sunrise Styling Wedding Planner, Owner, DesignerWelcome!  I’ve been organizing and planning events since I was a little girl.  From birthday parties for family and friends to corporate events with companies I used to work for… planning is just a part of me.

As the owner of Sunrise Styling, there are many ways to organize and approach events.  There are times when creating events, I start with the vision of the end result and I work my way backward through the design process.  Some projects are more standard and we can proceed from the start to the end.  Everything in life can be visualized from multiple perspectives – finding the perfect solution for you, is something I can help you with.  I love producing amazing events, organizing everything, bringing personal style to events, designing unique ideas and applications, and doing hands-on construction projects.

I approach each event and project as a new challenge and pride myself in NO one event looking the same.  Every wedding and event should be as unique and rare as a fingerprint.  With an education and background in Architecture, Mechanical engineering, and contracting – I bring a whole different approach to my planning and organization of projects.  Space planning, technical applications, and logistical foresight are just a few traits that I partner with my artsy, crafting, and stylish characteristics.  Many of my friends and colleagues state that I am one of few people they know, who is equally “right and left brained”. I take this as a huge compliment and use it to my advantage in every application of my personal and professional life.

With a decade of dedicated wedding and event planning, I’ve lead couples through the wedding planning process and executed many amazing events.  I strive to create immaculate celebrations of any type and size.  I love working on small intimate wedding celebrations, large receptions, birthdays full of surprises, and Non-profit companies who have a heart-warming purpose.  One of my favorite elements to incorporate into any wedding or celebration is the variety of ethnic traditions and cultures.  Adopted from South Korea, incorporating, blending, and styling culture into any celebration is a huge passion of mine. My goal is to learn and adapt to as many cultures as possible and help you implement your ethnic traditions into an event.

South Asian and Indian weddings have become our most popular and in-demand planning service.  We have devised a sister site to Sunrise Styling that focuses mainly on South Asian and Indian weddings & event.  Visit Indian Weddings MN for an in-depth look at our experience and real weddings.  Stay social with Indian Weddings MN via Instagram @indianweddingsmn and on Facebook.

Based in St. Paul/Minneapolis, contact Anna and her team to organize, style, and coordinate your next event or wedding.