Breaking the “White Bridal Shoe” trend

Remember when Queen Victoria was the first to wear a white wedding dress?  Well, you know she had to have white shoes too.

We see it all the time – the photo of the bride hiking up her dress so we can see her shoes.

OK Brides – let’s snap the trend and go for something different.  I know there have been strides over the years, but I still see SO many brides wearing the white shoe with their white wedding dress.  Here’s a few of the white bridal shoes throughout the years.

Bridal shoes throughout the years

Unless you’re walking on a sandy white beach, you’re going to need bridal shoes.  They can be bought before or after the wedding dress.  Some brides will choose to match the dress to the shoes and some the shoes to the dress.  Regardless of which order you purchase the dress and shoes – think outside the trend.

DO try on shoes and make sure you can walk in them.
DON’T buy shoes that are not comfortable

DO purchase a shoe with a heel height you can manage.  Flats are super cute and you can wear them your entire wedding day.
DON’T purchase a shoe with a heel height you’ve never worn before.  Your wedding day is not the time to practice walking in 4” high heels if you have only worn sneakers your entire life.

DO get a shoe that is easy to slip on (or take off)
DON’T get a shoe that takes you 45 minutes to put on (like those old boots you need the button hook to close them up)

DO purchase a shoe that reflects your style and/or personality.  We love bold prints and colors.

DON’T sacrifice getting a shoe style/pattern you don’t love.  You’ll regret it in 5-10+ years when you look back at your photos.

DO practice wearing your shoes.  Wear them around the house and practice walking on carpet, hard floors, and up and down stairs.
DON’T think you’re going to slip on your shoes for the first time on your wedding day.  Can you say BLISTERS?!

DO bring accessories for your shoes, such as arch inserts, heel protectors, clear nail polish (to dab on loose threads), and saran wrap to wrap around buckles that itch.

DON’T buy shoes with sharp edges or pointy bling.  They can snag the inside of your dress hem.

DO bring your shoes to your wedding dress alternation fitting.  You don’t want to trip on your dress cause your heels are shorter than the dress hem.
DON’T get a stiletto heel if you’re walking down a grass aisle.

DO purchase a pair of shoes that you can wear again.  No sense in buying a pair of shoes you wear for one day.
DON’T be afraid to get shoes that aren’t shoes.  Cowboys boots, sequined sneakers, and fancy slippers are great alternatives.

Other shoes we love.

For more ideas – check out some of our favorite shoes on our Pinterest SHOE Page

Bride & Bridal party dresses

Anyone can go out and find a white or ivory wedding dress. I want you to take a step outside tradition and check out some of these options. No matter what type of wedding you have, you can find a dress to suit your personal style while still wearing a luxurious dress. Don’t be afraid of color!! I’m waiting for the bride who is daring enough to show up in a swanky sequin dress, colorful gown, and better yet, dress the bridesmaids in white.

Loving the look of the black dress with beading on the bodice and paring it with a tailored sequin dress for the bridal party. Or the purple, orange, and gold print dress for you brides and the ombre aubergine chiffon dress for the bridal party. Two of my other favorites are the pewter sequin beaded long sleeve dress and multi-metallic white dress, both partnered with a white tea length dress for the bridesmaids. Think how stunning you’ll look if you have a fair skin tone and wear a striking colorful wedding dress?! One of the other benefits of working with a bridal dress that isn’t white, you can have a white bouquet and it will really stand out in photos.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a non-typical wedding dress, evening gowns can be a lot cheaper. A “wedding gown can range anywhere from $99-$20,000+. You can easily find a luxurious evening gown for reasonable prices in the $99-300+ range. Let’s face it – everyone wants to save money on their wedding somewhere. Depending on where you shop for an evening gown, it’s probably more likely that you will be able to try on your actual size vs. working your way into or clamping up the excess fabric on the “one-size” only dress found in many of the bridal shops.

Check out some of my favorite wedding dresses and bridal attire on my Pinterest page, bridal attire. You’ll see some fun and creative alternatives to the white wedding dress. Happy hunting and shopping!