Diwali Minnesota, 2018

Diwali brings celebrations that can last up to 5 days.  From decorating homes and workplaces, everyone is getting ready to enjoy the holiday.

What is Diwali?  Also known as “Deepawali”, it’s a festival of lights symbolizing the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness.  Deepawali refers to the rows of “diyas” (clay lamps).

We take an honored approach to the Indian culture since we specialize in planning Indian weddings and events.  To help celebrate, Sunrise Styling and Indian Weddings MN is offering a Wedding Planning Diwali special.

Visit DIWALI 2018 to view this offer.

Hurry, offer expires on December 31, 2018.  Happy Diwali and we hope to celebrate our Diwali offer and your wedding day.

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South Indian Wedding, Feature Video

Last year I was able to work with this amazing family by planning their 20+ event, multi-day wedding.  From finding the venues to directing where the last string of Jasmine was to be placed… all the hours of planning was more than worth it.  We are so honored to be featured on Maharani Weddings Films.
Check it out!!!

Maharani Wedding Films: Minneapolis

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Pinterest by Color

We are in that time of year when tons of design is taking place.  We’ve been working a ton to update our social media and Pinterest is one we’ve been doing a lot with.

Check out some of our new boards here:

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Designs and Floor Plans

Finally, we’re done with our Design & Production webpage.  Check our some of our favorite ideas that have been transformed for real life events.  We have everything from hanging cakes to Indian doorways… built by yours truly.  We also have unique floor plans and before and after photos.  This is one of our favorite processes of the planning venture – DESIGN!!!  We hope you enjoy and contact us for your next wedding or event.


Here is a sneak peak at a few of beloved creations.

Wedding photos: Make a list for my LARGE Indian wedding

You sent out the invitations and have 784 people on your guest list. Start planning your group photos ASAP. You should have a good idea of some group shots before you hire a photographer. Why? This can dictate how much time you need to hire your photographer for. Adding 6-10 group shots throughout the day is very different than wanting 30-40+ group shots.

Now you’re getting close to the wedding day and the RSVP’s are flooding in.  350 guests, 410 guests, 500 and counting.  Everyone attending would like to talk to you and get a photo with you. As you approach the last month prior to the wedding, you need to evaluate and finalize your wedding photo group shot list.  This is a huge part of the plans for your time line, sanity, and photographer.  The photographer doesn’t know your guests, not to mention – they probably wouldn’t be able to pick you out of the crowd of 600 guests.  Why? The bride and groom are wearing something colorful and traditional (most of the time) like a Sari, lengha, Kurti, etc.  Not like a western wedding where you can spot the bride cause she’s the ONLY one wearing a white dress.

Can you find the Bride and Groom in each photo?


To create the group shot list, start with the family.  Remember who is closest and most important.  A couple extended family photos are nice to have, but it can become tricky to get everyone together.  I don’t suggest doing an extended family shot right after the ceremony.  It’s hard to manage that many people & round them up in a timely manner, much less if you have other events scheduled right after the ceremony (pooja’s, etc). Consider doing it during the cocktail hour or after dinner, that way your Emcee of DJ can help you round up people.  The next step is to write up your wedding party shot list.  There are many check lists online, but you know who needs to be in your photos.  Here’s a quick list of the standard group photos:

  • Bride + maid of honor
  • Bride + bridesmaids
  • Bride + groomsmen
  • Bride + flower girl and/or ring bearer
  • Bride + attendants (personal attendant, etc)
  • Groom + best man
  • Groom + groomsmen
  • Groom + bridesmaids
  • Groom + flower girl and/or ring bearer
  • Bride & Groom + bridesmaids
  • Bride & Groom + groomsmen
  • Bride & Groom + bridesmaids & groomsmen
  • Bride & Groom + flower girl and/or ring bearer
  • Bride & Groom + Brides parents
  • Bride & Groom + Brides parents + family
  • Bride & Groom + Brides siblings
  • Bride & Groom + Grooms parents
  • Bride & Groom + Grooms parents + family
  • Bride & Groom + Grooms siblings
  • Bride & Groom + both sets of parents

You all have those groups of friends that have different connections to you in life.  If you want photos of any of these special groups, list them on your master photo list for your photographer.  Some you may want to include are:

  • Fraternity or sorority groups
  • High school friends
  • Sports teams (softball, football, dance)
  • Co-workers

Just be sure that you work with your photographer (and planner) to schedule these during your wedding day.  Every photo takes time to stage and get groups of people together.  You could find yourself doing photos for 6 hours with just groups of people if you don’t plan carefully.  Also be sure to check with your parents.  We all know they will have a couple shots that are a must.  Just be sure you don’t let your parents/family dictate all the photos and put a limit on how many they are allowed to list.  For instance; your Dad really doesn’t need a photo of his daughter with his poker buddies that you’ve never met. If you don’t make a list, your photographer can run off and take shots throughout the day and evening and you might not know any of the people in the final edited album.  Seriously, you don’t want to look through your final album and ask “who’s that?” of more than half your album.  Just make sure you communicate your clear expectations and the list to your photographer and planner.

Hint: One thing I always demand during Indian wedding photos – identify one person who’s close to the family and can call out names.  Indian names can be tough to pronounce + the “name caller” can help recognize people to help the photographer.

Key take-away: Work with a Planner who is experience with Indian weddings and a photographer who’s shot and understands Indian weddings. Scheduling properly makes a world of difference.

Indian women & the red dot

You’ve all seen one – the red dot on the forehead of Indian women. What does it mean? There are a few different reasons and meanings, but here are the most popular ones.
1. It’s the symbol of a married women.
2. It’s the third eye of the Hindu religion, Chakra – to help ward off bad luck
3. It retains the energy of the body

The traditional method of application is dipping your ring finger in Kumkum powder and placing the dot on your forehead. It took a lot of practice to get the perfect round dot. Now days, there are alternative bindi’s that women use. The most common is a disc that can be applied with a wax or paste. There are also bindi’s that are like a sticker with the adhesive already applied.

One the wedding day – brides will apply bindi’s that are more like a jewel or an actual piece of jewelry. They come in all different colors and sizes to suit the brides wedding colors, mood, and type of celebration. There’s are numerous places online you can order bindi’s from simple red dots to elaborate jewels. Some even get them hand painted on their forehead. Here are some beautiful ones we love.

South Indian Wedding Soirée, Minneapolis

Congrats to Priya and Rishi and their 11 event, 4-day wedding!  The couple got married in Minnesota at the Hilton Hotel downtown Minneapolis, the perfect venue to host all their events at one location. The events had a range of 350 to 540 guests at the various events.  The couple’s events included:
Thursday = Mehndi party
Friday = Welcome Lunch and Sangeet
Sunday = Breakfast, Baraat, Ceremony, Lunch, Cocktails, and Dinner
Monday = Brunch (Hilton) and Pooja at the Hindu Temple in Maple Grove.

One of our favorite things they did for their guests was have the videographer construct a “same-day edit” video, thanks to Story of Us Films.  We showcased this video at the reception on Saturday night.  It was the perfect way to show the entire guest attendance all the events they couldn’t attend.  Summer Street Photography has locations in Minneapolis and Boston, the perfect fit for this couple who lives in Boston and hosted their wedding here in Minnesota.

We can’t thank all our vendors for the amazing job they did to create a beautiful and seamless wedding for our South Indian couple!  It certainly takes an experienced and talented fleet of vendors to pull of an 11 event 4-day wedding.  Always a special THANKS to my amazing team!

Wedding Planner: Sunrise Styling
Event Venue: Hilton Hotel Minneapolis
Photographer: Summer Street Photography
Videography: Story of Us Films
AV & Tech: AV For You
Catering & Beverage: Hilton Hotel & India Palace
Dessert: Buttercream
Floral: Sadie’s Couture Floral
Décor: Sankheda Weddings, Apres
Linens & Rentals: Linen Effects
Draping: Avant Décor
Hair & Makeup: Primped MN
Baraat: Hitching Co.
Henna: Blurberry Buzz
Stationery: Sunrise Styling
Transportation: Total Luxury Limo

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Creating an Indian Wedding Menu

Indian weddings are full of multiple events. The most celebrated events with meals are the Mendhi party, Sangeet, Garba, and Wedding day. Within the wedding day, often times the host family will provide breakfast/brunch, lunch, cocktails appetizers, and the dinner menu. Depending on the entire wedding plan, couples and their families will host even more meals and events, prior and/or post wedding day in addition to the main ones I just listed.

Now, how does one decide on the menu so there is no overlap and guests are eating the same thing for every event? Start by selecting the region you want to serve foods from for the wedding dinner. If you’re South Indian, provide items that are traditional to the South Indian wedding cuisine. Often times, there are specific items that should be served for cultural reasons or that are traditional foods to encourage health, wealth and good fortune. Add in the next major meal food selections. If you are hosting a Sangeet and this is the next major meal, you might want to serve North Indian food. If you happen to host a Mendhi party at home, you could do a fusion brunch for the menu. You can always do a North Indian meal for one of the other events too. Be bold and consider serving a completely different cuisine for other events. Korean, Mediterranean, Mexican, or fusion selections give you lots of options. A vegetable fried rice stuffed samosa would be a yummy fusion appetizer.


For other menus such as breakfast/brunch, lunch, and cocktail hour, fill in the items that are good finger foods, popular items that everyone will know, and consider providing Indian sweets and snacks as other filler items.  Don’t be afraid to select non-Indian items such as fruit platters, veggie platters, or other popular items.  Bruschetta, mini sliders, tomato soup shooter and grilled cheese, kebabs of any kind, and shrimp cocktail are always go-to options.


If you are providing breakfast for overnight guests staying at a hotel, don’t feel you have to provide all Indian food.  Often times the hotel will have a great selection of breakfast items that everyone will eat, not to mention you probably have a food and beverage minimum you have to account for.  If you are worried about serving a few Indian breakfast items: add sambar, upma, idli, dosa’s, or various chutneys just to name a few.

Remember to work with an experienced caterer who is reputable and offers a lot of variety for food selections.

One last takeaway: if you choose to serve Indian desserts and your caterer doesn’t provide them, have your caterer order the Indian desserts and sweets from an outside dessert supplier for you.  Cheers to yummy Indian menus!

Meghana & Tyson: India meets South Dakota Farm

My love of planning events that incorporate different cultures was a perfect match for Meghana and Tyson.  The couple wanted to do a traditional Indian ceremony with a reception full of glamour and hints of Indian décor at a location that was in the roots of the Groom’s childhood.  The 4 days of wedding events began with a welcome brunch at the Groom’s parents’ home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  The 2nd day was a morning when all the ladies gathered for the Sangeet ceremony and got their Mehndi (henna) done, an Indian lunch, the rehearsal, and dinner at a local restaurant in Sioux Falls.  The wedding day began with wedding party photos around downtown Canton, SD followed by the ceremony at the Groom’s Uncle’s farm just outside Canton, SD.  A custom mandap was built by the Groom and his father and embellished with sari’s and floral by Sadie’s Couture Floral and Event Styling.  The ceremony was a mix of Indian and American traditions: Welcome, Homily, Jeelakarra Bellam, Mangalsutram, Talambralu, Saptapadi, prayer, exchange of vows and rings, and pronouncement.  Guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres among the barns with a view of South Dakota farmland.  Dinner was served in the steel barn dressed with coral and tan linens, coral and pink flowers, gold and Indian accents, and lit with chandeliers and up-lighting.  A special thank you to Chef Dominique’s for creating an American-Indian cuisine… not too many Indian caterers (or restaurants) in Sioux Falls.  Meghana and Tyson danced into the night and sent their guests off the following day with at brunch.  I’m so honored to work with Meghana and Tyson and travel to South Dakota and create a fusion cultural (destination) wedding!

Wedding Planner: Anna Senrick
Venue: Private Farm in Canton, SD
Photographer: Bradley Hanson
Catering: Chef Dominique’s
Desserts: CH Patisserie
Linens & Décor rentals: Linen Effects
Florist: Sadie’s Couture Floral & Event Styling
Mehndi: Mehndi Moments
DJ: St. Cloud DJ
Equipment rentals: ABC Rentals
Videography: Trndy Digital
Stationery: Sunrise Styling
Officiants: Indian, Dr. Divedi & American, Rich Merkouris
Hotel: Clubhouse Hotel & Suites

Sioux Falls: Indian & American weddingSioux Falls: Indian & American wedding Indian and American Farm wedding